HMAPs Are Not the Answer

The statute, altered at the behest of ranching interests, protects wild horses and burros to some degree, but not their land.  It does not protect them from the advocates.

Roughly half of the land, if you include the proposed Rock Springs RMP Amendments, has been taken away and is now devoted almost exclusively to permitted grazing.

Areas with non-zero AMLs are managed primarily for livestock.

The resource management plans assign anywhere from 80% to 95% of the authorized forage to privately owned cattle and sheep.

The pest control programs follow naturally: Roundups, sterilizations, fertility control programs, sex ratio adjustments, adoption and training programs, off-range holding and sanctuaries.

Animals in off-range corrals (feedlots) are protected.

Animals in long-term holding are protected.  Most won’t be adopted.  They are sent there to die.

Animals in the adoption pipeline are protected, in theory, until they are titled.

If you only care about protection, you’re in good shape.

If you want to see them wild and free on their home range, and this does not include gradual extermination by the Montana Solution, as the advocates prefer, you have to focus on the RMPs and the bureaucrats who write them.

They never have to face you, the taxpayers and voters.

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Pancake Gather Plan

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