Humane Alternative to Roundups and Off-Range Holding?

A 2019 news release by IDA titled “These Guns Can Save Wild Horses and Burros” features a graduate from the SCC School of PZP Darting holding a Gen 1 gauged projector with scope and black satin finish.  She joins ranks with other foot soldiers advancing the Montana Solution across western rangelands.

IDA Darter 01-16-22

Although propelled by a compressed gas, a powder charge goes off when the dart, formally known as an RDD, strikes the target, driving the payload into the animal.

Pneu-Dart Impact 01-03-22

Injuries are not uncommon, but where the technique is practiced, natural behaviors and youngsters are.  Livestock flourish as the herds are decimated.

VR Darting Injury 09-15-21

You have to give them credit: The advocates speak with one voice, although it’s the wrong voice.

Ending permitted grazing, confining the ranchers to their base properties, and letting them pay market rates to feed their animals—like the rest of us—apparently has never crossed their minds.

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