Spanish Ancestry Found in Carter Reservoir Mustangs

Tests indicate the herd may have the highest percentage of individuals with ancient Spanish-Iberian DNA of any herd in the western U.S. investigated to date, according to an EIN news release dated January 13.

The HMA straddles the CA-NV state line and lies mostly within the Sand Creek grazing allotment, as shown in the Western Watersheds map.

The 35 horses allowed by plan in the HMA receive 420 AUMs per year, while livestock in the allotment, which is about three times larger than the HMA, receive 3,646 AUMs per year, according to the Allotment Master report.

RELATED: Nuisance Roundup Announced for Carter Reservoir HMA.

Carter Reservoir Grazing Allotment 01-13-22

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