Nuisance Roundup Announced for Carter Reservoir HMA

Approximately 25 wild horses will be removed from the area due to safety concerns along Highway 299, according to yesterday’s news release.  A start date was not given.

The horses will be drawn into the traps with bait and the incident will likely not be open to public observation.

The trap site appears on maps in the Categorical Exclusion, which was posted with other NEPA documents.  The Decision Record was signed on November 15.

The HMA covers 23,468 acres on the California-Nevada border and has an AML of 35.

The stocking rate allowed by plan is 1.5 wild horses per thousand acres.

Carter Reservoir HMA Map 12-07-21

The Western Watersheds map shows grazing allotments on the north, west and south sides of the HMA, which lies mostly within the Sand Creek Allotment.

Captured animals will be taken to an unspecified location.

A link to the gather stats and daily reports was not provided.

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