How Many Cow/Calf Pairs Will Roundup Plan Support?

The forage liberated by the removal of 20,000 wild horses from public lands would support 40,000 cow/calf pairs over a six-month grazing season.

The increase in supply will have little impact on beef prices, as the release of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve did for fuel prices, but may convince some of the voters that the one-horse pony and his illicit administration have their interests in mind.

The government will collect $324,000 per year in grazing fees from the project, in exchange for the $20 million outlay to remove the horses plus $15 million per year to stockpile them in off-range holding.

The only way the enterprise survives is with huge subsidies from American taxpayers.

RELATED: Wild Horse Gather Plan Preceded by Beef/Poultry Action Plan.

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