DeMayo Astonished by Her Own Handiwork!

The signatory to the rancher-friendly Path Forward is not happy with yesterday’s announcement that the first big installment will be rolling out in FY 2022.

It’s all here folks, in this news release, the idiocy of the advocates.

They want to end wild horse reproduction, not public-lands ranching.

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Advocates are the Predators 11-30-21

One thought on “DeMayo Astonished by Her Own Handiwork!

  1. Resource Management Plans are fatally flawed by neglecting to add wild equids as a Native American, special status species, and Cultural RESOURCE. This is the first step to facilitating Wm Simpson’s common sense plan.

    One out of every 10 acres of wildlife habitat in the United States is managed by the BLM National System of Public lands – approximately 245 million acres (380,000 square miles) in 23 states in addition to county and state multiple-use habitat designations and wildlife preserves.

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