How Pine Nut Advocates Help Government Protect Ranchers

The December edition of Horse Tales is out, along with another article by the real estate agent and PZP darter in the Minden-Gardnerville area.

The listings are on page 24 and the article begins at the bottom of page 5.

The action takes place on the Pine Nut Mountains HA, which includes the HMA but extends well to the south, coinciding roughly with the Buckeye and Pine Nut allotments.

The land was identified for wild horses in 1971 but has since been taken away and is now managed principally for livestock.

Horses still inhabit the area, which is unfit for them, supposedly.  The AML is zero.

Pine Nut HA and Allotments 12-18-21

Instead of demanding that the HA be managed principally for wild horses—as specified in the statute—the advocates are getting rid of them with PZP.

There is little if any turning over of the genetic soil and the herd may be dying off, depending on how severely they’ve reduced the birth rate.

If things get out of hand, the government will remove them, ensuring that all of their food, except for a small amount reserved for wildlife, goes to public-lands ranchers.

Good job, guys.

Like the Virginia Range a few miles to the north, the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses has its tentacles in this program.

The Allotment Master report puts Buckeye and Pine Nut in the Improve category.

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