Stop the Roundups (But Not the Removals)!

The Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses demonstrates once again in this opinion piece that it is an enemy of free-roaming horses and burros.

Sadly, many well-meaning individuals have been duped by its efforts, as it tries to win the support of the bureaucrats and ranchers.

On the bright side, one follower realized his errors and withdrew his support, as noted by the writer of a column in today’s edition of the Pagosa Daily Post.

Western Horse Watchers disagrees with his proposal to move wild horses from areas where they’re not wanted (by public-lands ranchers) to remote wilderness areas not particularly suited to livestock grazing.

The goal is to move livestock from areas where they’re not wanted (by most of the American people) to deeded acres or rented pastures, where their owners can pay market rates to feed them.  What do you think happens during the off season?

As for the “highly compromised and shrinking home range of the wild horses on the Virginia Range,” consider the photos in this post.

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