Owyhee Roundup Ends

The incident concluded on November 9, according to a statement at the gather page, with 934 horses captured, 531 shipped, 362 released and 27 dead.  The numbers don’t balance, there were 14 unaccounted-for animals.

The news release said 545 horses removed, but if 934 horses came off the land and 362 were returned, the number removed would be 572.

The capture goal was 947 and the removal goal was 615.

The death rate was 2.9%.

Foals represented 17.6% of the horses captured.  Of the adults, 51.9% were male and 48.1% were female.

The low percentage of foals is not consistent with a growth rate of 20% per year, a benchmark used by land managers to predict herd sizes.

The roundup began on October 11.

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