Mares Outnumber Stallions on Western Rangelands?

The following table contains data for animals captured in wild horse roundups, starting with Onaqui Mountain in July, 2021.  These figures are from the daily reports, not the cumulative totals, and do not include results from roundups in progress.

Roundup Data 11-10-21

Foals represented 18% of the horses captured.  Of the adults, 45% were male and 55% were female.

Do these numbers tell you anything useful about the herds at large?  Are they indicators of the way roundups are carried out?

The advocates are ruining the herds—and helping the public-lands ranchers—at Onaqui Mountain and Sand Wash Basin, and those efforts are reflected in the low percentages of foals.

The government typically wants to see more stallions than mares on the range, which also reduces growth rates and keeps the resource scales tipped in favor of the ranchers for longer periods of time.

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