USDA Seeks Greater Diversity in Beef Supply

With consumer prices rising, the government is taking steps to boost competition in the supply chain, according to a report posted this morning by AP News.

If startups can’t control their costs, they will need to find customers who will pay more for their beef or manage with a lower profit margin than the big companies.

But what if they didn’t have to pay market rates to feed the animals?

The value of an average 1,370-pound steer is about $1,630, but that amount must be split between the slaughterhouse, feed lot and the rancher, who typically bears the largest expense of raising the animal for more than a year.

Put wild horses in the feed lots and turn out more livestock.  Take a closer look at the ‘Path Forward.’  Approve the Rock Springs RMP amendments.  Initiate more such projects, perhaps on an emergency basis.

Supply goes up and costs come down, giving political cover to the one-horse pony, his ruinous policies and his illicit administration.

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