Majority of Americans Oppose Rock Springs Roundup?

A poll commissioned by The Cloud Foundation found that 69% of respondents opposed removing all wild horses from 1.5 million acres of public lands in southern Wyoming to accommodate the oil/gas and livestock industries, according to a report published today by Cowboy State Daily.

Over 2,000 U.S. adults participated in the survey.

How useful is that result?

Does it correspond to events occurring now?

How did they go from 69% of respondents to 69% of Americans?

The roundup will not remove all of the horses.

The impact on wild horses by oil and gas exploration and production is miniscule, almost non-existent, compared to that of public-lands ranching.

A five-acre drill pad would displace 1/200th of a wild horse at typical stocking rates.

Five wild horses would be displaced from the range for every thousand drill pads.

In the five HMAs affected by the roundup, an estimated 16,000 wild horses have been displaced from their home range by privately owned livestock.

RELATED: Management Priorities at Rock Springs HMAs.

NOTE: Western Horse Watchers has been unable to cover the Rock Springs roundup due to the BLM IT outage.  Although the site was available for a short time on October 9, no activity had been reported.  The blackout was ongoing as of 11:30 PM EDT today.

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