Status of Owyhee Allotments

Six grazing allotments that overlap the five HMAs in the Owyhee Complex are listed in Table 5 of the Final EA for resource enforcement actions therein.

The Western Watersheds map, reproduced below, shows the arrangement.

Two of the allotments are managed by the Humboldt River Field Office.  Four are managed by the Tuscarora Field Office.

Table 6 in the EA provides forage allocations from 2012, which were copied into the following table.  Other values were sourced from the Allotment Master Report in RAS, one dataset for each field office [Humboldt River, Tuscarora].

Owyhee Allotment Data 10-06-21

Although the total forage allocation declined slightly over the past nine years, all six allotments are in the Improve category, along with all of the public acres.

Owyhee Allotments 10-06-21

The 999 horses allowed by plan receive 11,988 AUMs per year.

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