Jackson Mountains Emergency Roundup Starts Next Week

Approximately 600 wild horses will be removed from the HMA and surrounding lands, starting on September 15, due to inadequate water and overpopulation.

Helicopters will push the horses into the traps, according to the news release, and the incident will be open to public observation.

The announcement refers to an Environmental Assessment and Decision Record from 2018 but all of the documents in the project folder are dated 2012.

A Draft EA for a new resource enforcement plan was posted for review in late August.

The HMA covers about 265,000 acres in northern Nevada per Table 1 of the new EA and the 217 horses allowed by plan have a stocking rate of 0.8 animals per thousand acres.

Table 1 indicates a current population of 1,018 but the announcement says 848 plus foals, which are the same if you assume a 20% birth rate.

Jackson Mountains HMA Map 08-28-21

Table 7 in the new EA shows six grazing allotments that intersect the HMA.

Captured animals will be taken to the off-range corrals at Palomino Valley.

Gather stats and daily reports will be posted to this page.

Does this roundup qualify as an emergency?  Probably not, as the conditions that preceded it did not occur suddenly and the response did not occur immediately, as outlined in this post.

It’s not in the latest schedule, revised on August 2 when other such roundups were announced.

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