Onaqui Deception?

When the roundup ended, the government admitted that its narrative was false.

Was it an attempt to shield the public-lands ranchers from the effects of a temporary change in the weather?

Refer to this column in today’s edition of CounterPunch.

Western Horse Watchers believes the forage allocation to livestock—19,592 AUMs per year—represents a resource assigned to the ten allotments that intersect the HMA, not the amount of that resource inside the HMA.  Some of those AUMs are outside, and, technically, off limits to wild horses.

Unfortunately, the BLM did not provide the percentages of the allotments inside the HMA, so a ‘Short End of Stick’ report is not possible.

A guesstimate of the horses displaced by livestock, and the True AML, were computed in this post about the Onaqui allotments.

The True AML represents the number of wild horses or burros that an area can support if it was managed principally for those animals, as specified in 16 USC 30.

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