AIP Fallout, Managing Humanely and Virginia Range Update

A 27-minute audio segment by KNPR Radio of Las Vegas features the director of the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses, an organization that’s second only to the federal government in terms of eradicating wild horses.

You see, the number of wild horses in off-range holding could be sharply reduced, along with those shipped to slaughter, if we prevent their birth.

Resources set aside for the horses can be shifted to, well, you know, other users of public lands.

As for the Virginia Range, approximately 1,400 mares have been darted and, with the help of predators, zero population growth has almost been achieved.

Like the Salt River, these people are not just standing around while the herd dies off.

They are actively involved in its demise.

All because some bureaucrat said there should be no more than 600 wild horses, ideally just 300, on the Virginia Range.

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Trajectory of Wildh Horse Fertility Control Program 04-11-21

3 thoughts on “AIP Fallout, Managing Humanely and Virginia Range Update

  1. This is cruel and heartless, this plan is corrupt and so are the people planning and presenting it! Twisting the truth to benefit who???

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