Salt River Darting Program Taking Its Toll

Only one foal was born this year, according an update provided by the advocates.

With the birth rate driven to zero, mortality will thin the herd.

A photo shows a mare taking a dart so she can spend her life with her family—except there is no family and no turning over of the genetic soil.

Another photo shows the sorting of mares and stallions in a roundup.

Getting rid of horses with helicopters is bad, but getting rid of them with contraceptives is good.

Therefore, other herds, such as Onaqui and Heber, should receive the same treatment.

Never mind that they’ve already been decimated by resource management plans and the bureaucrats who wrote them.

This group, defeated, is of no use to America’s wild horses.

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One thought on “Salt River Darting Program Taking Its Toll

  1. Why can’t we just leave the horses alone? Everything we touch we ruin. Why do humans think they know better than nature?

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