Court Affirms Caliente Decision

A District Court’s ruling in favor of the BLM, that it could go ahead with a wild horse roundup in the Caliente Complex, has been affirmed, according to a decision filed on June 18.

The Complex, which doesn’t have enough resources for wild horses, includes nine former HMAs and intersects 26 grazing allotments.

Table 3.2 in a 2018 EA for resource enforcement actions in the Complex, provides data for the allotments and the map in Appendix V shows the arrangement.

The Allotment Master report in RAS gives the public acres and active AUMs.  Most of the allotments are in the Custodial category, with condition unknown, but most of the acreage is in the Improve category, approximately 56%.

Caliente Allotment Data 06-21-21

Although the forage assigned to livestock has decreased by 21% in the past three years, 31,445 AUMs per year are still active.  The forage assigned to horses is zero.

To put that in perspective, the forage allocated to livestock would support 2,620 wild horses, in an area that doesn’t have enough food for wild horses!

The court said the plaintiffs waited too long to bring their case against the BLM’s plan, not that the agency wasn’t telling the truth about resource availability in the Complex.

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One thought on “Court Affirms Caliente Decision

  1. Sadly, this merely proves the depth of corruption in our courts! They’ve chosen the easy way out for themselves! Stating the plaintiffs waited too long! No regard for the future devastation of public lands. The court forged ahead with the cattlemen’s greedy agenda! Why, because they’re deep in the grips of the power hungry cattlemen! Heartbreaking when money talks and reason is abandoned. Pathetic cowards willing to have our few wild mustangs removed under cruel and horrific conditions just so cattle can ‘graze’ on our lands. Destroying the environment and spewing methane gas! SICK!

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