Letter Seeks Delay of Roundups But Not Darting Programs?

If public-lands ranching is the problem (which it is) and wild horses are not overpopulated (which they aren’t), then why not halt the darting effort as well?

The letter, linked to yesterday’s news release by Animal Wellness Action, calls for a moratorium on non-emergency gathers and removals of wild horses and burros until the BLM conducts a comprehensive review of its wild horse and burro program and the impacts of private livestock grazing.

Why would you want to review the WHB program and the consequences of permitted grazing?  They are effects—too late, too far downstream in the management process.

You have to look upstream for causes, such as resource allocations and the land-use plans where they originate, as well as the statutes, regulations, attitudes, beliefs and external influences that precede them.

Solutions are always aimed at causes, not effects.  Treating the symptoms can only prolong the problem.

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