Clueless in Lompoc

Congress should direct the BLM use a proposed funding increase to begin a robust and sustainable fertility control program for wild horses and burros, according to a news release by Return to Freedom, signatory to the rancher-friendly ‘Path Forward.’

These animals are federally protected, but most of their food has been assigned to privately owned livestock, so we need to reduce their numbers.  Humanely, of course.

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HMAs Freed from Grazing 05-23-21

One thought on “Clueless in Lompoc

  1. Hi,
    I’ve been spending most of my reading time on your site.
    I must say that your take on the BLM wild horse/public-lands ranchers ongoing dilemma is the smartest, most brilliant concept I’ve ever read.
    It’s easy for me to get caught up in and side with all the other wild horse advocates—which I am.
    But, you’ve opened my eyes to the fact that boots-on-the-ground robust darting is indeed NOT the answer.
    The elimination (or reduced) cattle and sheep in wild horse country is necessary.
    Here in Wyoming, we would like to see one particular area designated as a wild horse territory. Not exclusively for horses but
    more horses than cows 😉
    Anyway, thank you for your different and inspiring engineers perspective on the wild horse issues.

    Please keep writing and adding to your blog, Sir!

    Sincerely yours,
    Lynn Hanson

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