Haaland to Continue Wild Horse Plans of Previous Administration

A report published yesterday by Gray DC, the Washington news bureau for Gray Television Inc, says the new but illegitimate administration agrees with the approach of the Trump administration, which features helicopter roundups and fertility controls.

“We’re going to let the science guide us.”

A spokesman for the Nevada Farm Bureau, a front group for ranching interests, applauded the decision.

Bringing equine populations down to AML means livestock operators will receive most of the resources in areas set aside for wild horses and burros.

The advocates will argue that the best way to get rid of the animals is contraceptives, not roundups, oblivious to the lopsided resource allocations they’ll be helping to achieve.

As for the science, you only need to look at the numbers in the EAs and RMPs and be able to compute some basic management indicators to know what the problem is.

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