Will Letter to Haaland About Livestock Grazing Do Any Good?

Probably not.  Elimination of livestock grazing in wild horse areas will likely originate in the judiciary, not in the bureaucracy and not in the legislature.

Last year, at the urging of the advocates, the politicians offered an exciting new alternative to helicopter roundups: Get rid of the horses with contraceptives.

These animals are being forced off the range because most of their food had been sold to public-lands ranchers, not because there are too many of them.

Although the letter has the right idea, Western Horse Watchers believes that its scope is too narrow.  The absence of certain signatories should be of great interest.

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HMAs Freed from Grazing 05-23-21

One thought on “Will Letter to Haaland About Livestock Grazing Do Any Good?

  1. So far I’m completely disappointed and disillusioned with Haaland! I have no faith in her! She’s been corrupted by the BLM! The BLM has been corrupted by the greedy cattlemen….it’s about the money for these heartless greedy people. They don’t give a damn about the displacement and desecration of these beautiful wild animals.

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