Rewilding Western Rangelands?

The writer of a guest column appearing today in The Hill argues that deteriorating conditions on public lands in the western U.S. have more to do with climate change than wild horses, and that a massive conservation program is needed to stop it.

Given the political leanings of the publication, those could be code words for deindustrializing and depopulating western rangelands.

The piece could have been written at the behest of ranching interests.  Notably absent are terms such as ‘cattle,’ ‘livestock,’ and ‘grazing.’

Yet, approximately 250 million acres have been designated for public-lands ranching, with many of the BLM allotments in the Improve category.

The article includes the usual propaganda, such as “developing a humane contraceptive that will effectively slow the growth of wild horse populations” and incentivizing private landowners to “support the relocation of wild horses to suitable lands.”

How exactly does relocation of wild horses to private sanctuaries and remote wilderness areas achieve the original goals of the WHB Act?

What happens when you use phony problems as a basis for action?

The author is a legal advisor for The CANA Foundation, a non-profit group whose founder supports horse slaughter.

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5 thoughts on “Rewilding Western Rangelands?

  1. Mr. Connor and CANA we the American taxpayers and voters do not see a reason for rewilding our American wild horses when they are already in the wild or should remain there. Private owned domestic invasive cattle and sheep are the animals that need to be removed. Our American wild horses should have first choice of our ranges because they have the law in the favor. We just need an agency that followers their own rules. It’s like a oxymoron to rewilding animals that our wild. You must keep in mind that it costs taxpayers very little to keep our American wild horses in the wild as opposed to all the money they spend on round ups, not gathers, transport to holding, vets charges for vaccines, geldings and PZP or sterilizations. Then you have more transport costs to short term holdings, then transport to adoption centers then transport to long term holdings where taxpayers pay ranchers hundreds of thousands of dollars more then ranchers pay for grazing their private owned non native domestic cattle on the very range taxpayers have just paid to remove our American wild horses from. How crazy is that? Save the American taxpayers lots of money and just let our American wild horses be wild. Then remove fences so they can roam leaving no damage. And bring back predators to help control their numbers. Then we should do real hard nose counts not use the fuzzy BLM math that no one can figure out. Problem solved!
    And CANA the truth is out about you and wild horse advocates will never back horse slaughter as an option. We will continue to fight to save them and our numbers of aware or woke public is growing to stand and force the government to let our American wild horses be wild and free, let them be!

  2. The BLM will continue the horrific cruelty and destruction to Our Wild Horses and Sacred Lands until Our Politicians stop catering to the Greedy Cattlemen and their corrupt lobbyists! As a registered voter, I urge anyone who cares about the environment, extinction, speciesism, human decency and our children’s future to let your voice be heard….speak up now, before it’s too late!

  3. Regarding the article referred to in Navajo-Hopi Observer ~ the quote is mis-attributed to Manda Kalimian, when in fact it’s in a section that has been quoting Lena Sanchez, who is Jicarilla Apache and ends with that sentence about horse slaughter – Kalimian is NOT pro-slaughter, and never has been, not even remotely!
    Here is the entire passage, the last paragraph is misattributed to Manda Kalimian:

    “Some feel slaughterhouses here in the U.S. and on tribal lands could be a solution. Lena Sanchez is from the Jicarilla Apache Nation and is an Animal Science major at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico. She is also working on a minor in Equine Management.
    She explained, “managing wild horses is difficult because they have very high reproductive rates. If you have 100 horses and leave them unmanaged they can double their population in four years. (Some) have thought of birth control, but administering birth control to wild horses is proving to be too expensive and too time-consuming.”
    Many experienced wild horse managers say the most miserable part of the transport for the horses to Mexico or Canada is that U.S. buyers and sellers try to put as many horses into a trailer as they can and they’re not fed or watered much.
    “I think we need to be looking at horse slaughter in the U.S. because we’re still exporting these horses (to Canada and Mexico), but we’re not saving them from being slaughtered. Humane horse slaughter is an option that needs to be revisited and seriously revisited,” Kalimian said.” <<<< that is VERY CLEARLY a misattribution, especially in the context of the ENTIRE ARTICLE, which can be read here:

  4. Overly simplistic thinking about the wild horse issue produces terrible injustice. They, the wild naturally living horses possess an beautiful wisdom about how to survive and live in balance, but it is people who are failing to respect this. They are also capable of self-limitation of their numbers once their ecological niche is filled. The wild horses have many beneficial effects upon the Western ecosystem. The chief problem lies with people who are so narrow-minded and closed-minded that they fail to see these. This is on account of their greedy, power-mad agendas, that blinds them to the greater truth concerning the wild horses and their place in many western ecosystems. The correct approach, the enlightened way to treat the wild horses is Reserve Design, not vaccines, drugs, castrations, ovariectomies, sex-skewings to leave more males than females, etc. All these terribly suppress and counteract the horses natural wisdom and ability to fill their niches, adapt harmoniously to the ecosystems they inhabit, establish mature social units, and naturally stabilize their population numbers. It is a real horror story how the pure and benign intent of the Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act has been deviously and so hypocritically subverted since its inception a half century ago. Its Jubilee year must be one where this true intent is restored, meaning the herds themselves and their habitats and at truely viable levels, not the very outrageous low Appropriate Management Levels that BLM or USFS have assigned along with woefully inadequate forage allocations in Animal Unit Months. Please check out my Reserve Design proposal. It is very much the same as Rewilding and shows how we Americans can get this wonderful program back on track! Link is and also

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