Allotment Status in Idaho

The Allotment Information report in RAS can supply data for all allotments in a state by selecting the state and choosing all of the districts and all of the field offices.

Allotment Information Report for Idaho 03-07-21After hitting OK, scroll to the bottom of the bottom of the report and save the results by choosing Export > Data > CSV, which will generate a comma-separated file that you can save to your computer.

Opening the CSV file in Excel should launch the Text Import Wizard, which will copy the data into the rows and columns of a new spreadsheet.

In step 1, choose Delimited.  In step 2, put a check mark next to Comma, clearing any other choices.  In step 3, hit Finish to complete the process.

Allotments with more than one permittee will appear multiple times in the list but you can use the Remove Duplicates tool to filter them out.  Filter on the Allotment Number column only.

Filtering Duplicate Rows 03-07-21

A pivot table can be added to the spreadsheet to compute statistics from the dataset.

The filtered list had 2,111 allotments, as of today, with the following breakdown:

  • Improve: 787
  • Maintain: 614
  • Custodial: 703
  • Unclassified: 7

The condition of the custodial allotments is unknown.

With a little over one third of the allotments failing to meet standards for rangeland health, grazing activity may not seem to have a very large impact in Idaho.

But if you look at the public acres, you get a different picture:

  • Improve: 7,968,881
  • Maintain: 2,878,052
  • Custodial: 508,111
  • Unclassified: 7,217

Seventy percent of the land is in the Improve category!

Given that wild horses in Idaho can access only 418,000 acres in six HMAs, they are probably not responsible for much of the damage.

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