Comments Invited on Piper Mountain Range Improvements

The project involves water systems in two grazing allotments that intersect the Piper Mountain HMA near Deep Springs, CA, according to a BLM news release issued today.

Comments will be accepted through March 29.

Piper Mountain HMA Allotments

The EA says the current burro population is zero and horses are very seldom seen.

The management plan for Piper Mountain allows 17 horses and 82 burros on 96,261 acres, for an equivalent stocking rate of 0.6 wild horses per thousand acres.

Horses can be found in the Fish Lake Valley HMA, according to the EA, where an estimated 120 animals live.  See page 30 in the Nevada wild horse maps.

The Allotment Master report shows most of the allotments in the Maintain category.

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