AWHC Seeks Reversal of WHBAB Appointment

The American Wild Horse Campaign has appealed the appointment of Tammy Pearson to the Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board, according to a guest column appearing today in The Daily Sentinel of Grand Junction, CO.

Pearson, a Beaver County commissioner, presumably lives in Beaver County, UT.

The BLM state map puts the county in the Color Country District, Cedar City Field Office.

Western Horse Watchers was able to find ‘Pearson Ranch’ in the Operator Information report from RAS, authorization #4304328.  A page on socialist media refers to the Pearson Ranch and current residence in Minersville, UT, which match the name and address in RAS.

The Allotment Information report ties the authorization number to the Minersville #5, Smithson and Beaver Lake allotments.

The Allotment Master report has two in the Improve category and one in the Custodial category.  Pearson holds most of the active AUMs in Minersville and all of the active AUMs in Beaver Lake and Smithson.

In the custodial allotment, public lands represent 42% of the total area and 61% of the total AUMs.  It’s not clear how it qualifies for that classification, which conceals its true condition.

The Authorization Use report shows grazing seasons and the number of animals on the permit.

Although AWHC may be doing something useful here—pushing back against the ranching cabal—it does not absolve them from their ruinous darting programs on the Virginia Range and elsewhere.

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