Success on the Salt River

The PZP zealots got rid of 80 or more wild horses last year, according to a story by The Fountain Hills Times.  Only 16 foals were born in 2020, down from over 100 in 2019.

Beat that ExxonMobil!

This is great news because the horses are not allowed to outgrow their boundaries.

What’s on the other side of the fence?

In typical fashion, they tell you the ‘vaccine’ is safe and does not change herd behavior, but they never supply any data to allow you to make an assessment for yourself.

  • Herd size
  • Stocking rate
  • Percentage of males and females
  • Percentage of foals
  • Average lifespan
  • Number of deaths
  • Changes year over year

Same thing for the Virginia Range.  The darting program is a success but we’re not going to give you any demographics.

Like Assateague Island, the full effect of the programs may not be revealed for another twenty years.

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