Virginia Range Darting Program Spreading to South Africa?

A report by Deseret News says that a researcher from the University of Pretoria will be collaborating with personnel from the American Wild Horse Campaign regarding the use of PZP to manage elephants in limited habitats.

Volunteers on the Virginia Range have treated 1,333 mares in a herd of 3,000 horses that roam on 300,000 acres, according to the story, with an expectation that 600 lives will be denied this year.

You can’t have healthy horses at a stocking rate of ten animals per thousand acres when you’re an ally of those who demand stocking rates of one wild horse per thousand acres or less on public lands in the western U.S.—to accommodate more privately owned cattle and sheep.

These people are preventing wild horses, not protecting them, an insult to Velma’s legacy.

The report confirmed that the ‘One-Horse Pony‘ Amendment was dropped from the FY 2021 spending bill.

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Water Tanks 06-25-20

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