The Horses Are Still a Problem But the Statute Is Not

The WHB Act, formally known as 16 USC 30, turns 50 in December but no longer functions as Velma intended.  Most of the protections are gone.

How did we get to the point where almost half of the land identified for wild horses and burros has been taken away and most of the resources on the remaining land have been diverted to privately owned livestock?

  • Changes to the statute by Congress (amendments)
  • Rules promulgated by the unelected bureaucracy (regulations)

The regulations have probably had the greatest impact.

In the original Act, land where wild horses and burros were found was to be “devoted principally but not necessarily exclusively to their welfare.”  That was the only condition.

Today, land is managed principally for them if the bureaucracy says so.

And what has been the response of the ‘advocacy’ groups?  Bash oil and mining companies while pushing contraceptives.

Reform has to start on the advocacy side and that’s what this blog is all about.

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