Fish Creek Roundup Next Chapter In ‘Wild Horse Wars?’

The incident was set to begin this weekend.

The gather area, based on a map from the 2015 Final EA, includes the Fish Creek Ranch allotment, which is grazed by Borba Land and Cattle LLC, among others, according to a report from the Rangeland Administration System.  Borba receives 52% of the active AUMs on the allotment.

The HMA is shown in pink and the gather area, which extends well beyond the HMA, has a light green border.  The allotments, four of which intersect the HMA, have dark green borders: Lucky C, Arambel, Ruby Hill and Fish Creek Ranch.

Fish Creek Allotments-1

The original piece in The Washington Post begins with a story about Kevin Borba, “a cattle rancher in Nevada.”  He appears in the following video by Protect the Harvest, which ties him to the area.

“The horses ain’t ever going to leave,” he says.

Over 500 were removed last year, with another 135 slated for removal this year, so PTH will need to update the video.  Less wailing and gnashing of teeth, please.

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