Fish Creek Roundup Complete

BLM said today that operations concluded on 09-15-19, with 558 wild horses gathered from the Fish Creek HMA in central Nevada.  Five deaths were reported (0.9%) and twenty horses were returned to the range, for a population reduction of 538 animals.

The seven mares allowed to rejoin the herd were treated with contraceptives, according to the news release.

The process reduced forage consumption on the HMA by 6,456 AUMs per year, some of which may be picked up by ‘other authorized users.’

The announcement said the roundup complied with Section 1333(b) of the 1971 WHB Act, except there is no Section 1333(b) in the 1971 Act.  The reference should be to the WHB Act of 1976/1978/2004.

The original statute was ‘reshaped’ by the political allies of the public-lands ranchers.

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