Bullfrog Gather in Progress

BLM said on 09-06-19 that approximately 600 excess wild burros would be removed from the Bullfrog HMA, starting the next day.  As of today, 302 animals have been captured, with no deaths reported.

The burros are a nuisance in the town of Beatty and a safety risk along U.S. highway 95, according to the news release.  The size of the herd had already been reduced by about 400 head in a roundup conducted in 2018.

The HMA covers 157,180 acres in southern Nevada and has an AML of 91, for an aimed-at population density of 0.6 animals per thousand acres.


The gather employs bait traps to remove the burros from their home range, so it is not open to public observation.  Captured animals are being taken to the off-range corrals in Axtell, UT.

The HMA intersects one grazing allotment, but only a portion of one pasture (about 12,000 acres) is currently active, according to Section 3.3 of the 2012 Environmental Assessment.  See Figure 3 on page 33 of the EA.


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