Initial Thoughts on Pancake Gather Plan

Starting a list of comments on the Draft EA.

1.  Include a map showing the allotment boundaries relative to those of the wild horse areas.  [Are the horse areas 100% subject to permitted grazing?]

2.  Add the allotment sizes to Tables 3 – 6.  [What are the stocking rates for cattle and sheep and is the land more productive when designated for livestock?]

3.  What are the resource impacts of mineral extraction?  [What is the effect on water quality and availability?  How much forage has been lost to drilling and mining?  How many horses could be returned to the range if those activities were stopped?  Would that exceed the number of horses that could stay put if public-lands ranching was ended?]

4.  Add the appendix titles to the table of contents.

Comments regarding forage allocations and management priorities, although valid, should not be submitted.  They are beyond the scope of the project.

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