Cibola-Trigo Outside-HMA Roundup Over?

The daily reports stopped on September 30.  The goal has been reached but no news release has been issued.  Here are the totals based on the daily results:

  • Burros captured: 307
  • Goal: 300
  • Deaths: 1
  • Shipped: 327
  • Returned: 5

A jenny died on September 23 after colliding with a panel.  Foals accounted for roughly 16% of the burros captured.  The number of foals on September 17 was not provided.

Do the numbers balance?  Given that more animals were shipped than gathered the answer is probably ‘No.’

Animals gathered = Animals shipped + Animal deaths + Animals returned


Animals gatheredAnimal shippedAnimal deathsAnimals returned

should be zero.

307 − 327 − 1 − 5 = −26

The numbers don’t balance.  Send in the auditors.

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