Devil’s Garden Roundup Day 23

The incident started on September 9.  Gather stats through October 1:

  • Horses captured: 463
  • Escaped: 5
  • Goal: 500
  • Deaths: 5
  • Shipped: Not reported

No deaths occurred on Days 22 and 23.  The Forest Service reported a total of 467 horses captured in this week’s summary but the sum of the daily results is 463.

Foals accounted for 14.7% of the total.  The number of horses held on site is not known.

The daily reports can be found here.

Contrary to the statement in the weekly summary, the horses remaining in Devil’s Garden don’t have more food to eat and more room to roam.  The forage and land allocated to wild horses are specified in resource management plans and RMPs aren’t affected by roundups.

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