Letter Hits Symptoms, Avoids Causes of Wild Horse ‘Problem’

Many people in the west understand the “ridiculous horse-feeding program,” but many in Congress and the rest of the nation do not, according to an opinion piece appearing yesterday in The Richfield Reaper of Richfield, UT.

Points discussed in the letter:

1. Almost 90,000 wild horses and burros inhabit ten western states but the government says the number should be about 27,000.

  • The land, which was set aside for wild horses and burros, can support way more than 27,000 of them but the government has consigned most of their resources to public-lands ranchers.
  • Which paragraph in the statute sets the limit at 27,000?
  • The land is to be managed principally for WHB, according to the Act, but a federal regulation says ‘we’ll do that if we feel like it.’

2. Warehousing of wild horses and burros costs $81 million a year.

  • Why are they in long-term holding?  See Point #1.
  • The government spends roughly $50 million per year to stockpile those animals so it can receive a few million dollars per year in grazing fees.  If money and economic viability were the issues, the ranchers would have been shown the door years ago.

3. Distributors in the United States spent nearly $2.1 million in 2017 importing horse meat from Canada to feed carnivores in U.S. zoos.

  • Shameful.  The ranchers could be donating a small percentage of their output to help the poor zookeepers.  What do you do for a living, madam?

4. Last year, the BLM began paying individuals a $500 incentive at the time of adoption and another $500 after the adopter takes title of the animal.

  • The goal is to cashier as many animals through the program as possible, so more can be removed from the range and their food sold to the ranchers.  See Point #1.

5. With so many horses in long-term holding, roundups will only exacerbate the problem and cost millions for taxpayers.

  • Correct, because roundups treat the symptoms, not the causes.  See Point #1.

Solutions are always aimed at causes.  They stop unwanted events.  We must have solutions to polio and smallpox because you don’t see them any more.

The answer, according to the writer, is to reopen the slaughter pipeline by overturning laws that prevent it.

How do you know it’s not a solution?

Because it guarantees that more and more horses will be coming off the range, bringing the ranchers closer and closer to the promised land.

PSA 12-07-19

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