Eagle Roundup Day 36

Cumulative totals through 02-20-20, per the BLM roundup page for the Eagle Complex:

  • 1,656 animals gathered
  • 19 deaths (1.1%)
  • 741 studs (44.9%)
  • 910 mares (55.1%)
  • 5 new foals (2019 foals counted as adults)

A five year old stud was put down on day 36 due to injuries sustained while sorting.

The proportions of mares and studs are still outside of statistical limits corresponding to n = 1,651 and p-bar = .50.  The operation has removed a large number of mares from the complex, relative to studs.  The difference cannot be attributed to chance, but to one or more assignable causes.

The thriving ecological balance has been achieved, save for the removal of a few dozen more, followed by selective return.

Clearly, the WHB Act no longer affords the protections sought by Velma.

Eagle HMA Charts-1

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