Eagle Roundup Day 29, ‘Feel the Love’ Edition

Cumulative totals through 02-13-20, per the BLM roundup page for the Eagle Complex:

  • 1,288 animals gathered
  • 16 deaths (1.2%)
  • 574 studs (44.7%)
  • 709 mares (55.3%)
  • 5 new foals (2019 foals counted as adults)

The range between males and females is still outside of statistical limits corresponding to n = 1,283 and p-bar = .50.  Why are there more mares in the traps than studs?

The thriving ecological balance is now only 312 wild horses away (1,700 horses to be gathered − 100 to be returned − 1,288).


Photo: Youngsters from the Eagle Complex, Palomino Valley corrals, 02-08-20.

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