Rock Springs RMP Recap

Totals for the four HMAs affected by the proposed RMP amendment:

  • 2,810,951 acres available
  • 24,780 AUMs per year allocated to horses
  • 159,506 AUMs per year allocated to livestock

Other values needed to compute key management indicators for the complex:

  • 12 month grazing season for horses
  • 4 month grazing season for livestock (assumed)
  • 600 pounds dry weight per AUM (assumed)

Herd size

  • 2,065 horses allowed by plan (24,780 ÷ 12)
  • 39,876 cow/calf pairs allowed by plan (159,506 ÷ 4)

Stocking rate

  • 0.7 horses per thousand acres (2,065 ÷ 2,810,951 × 1,000)
  • 14.2 cow/calf pairs per thousand acres (39,876 ÷ 2,810,951 × 1,000)

Resource loading

  • 0.4 pounds per acre per month for horses (24,780 × 600 ÷ 2,810,951 ÷ 12)
  • 8.5 pounds per acre per month for livestock (159,506 × 600 ÷ 2,810,951 ÷ 4)

Livestock receive over six times as much forage than the horses—on lands set aside for the horses.  The stocking rate for livestock is 20 times higher.

Over 13,000 wild horses have been cheated out of a place on their home range because of the livestock, about 25% of the horses now in long-term holding (159,506 ÷ 12).

How many more HMAs would you have to evaluate to account for all of the wild horses in long-term holding?

How many wild horses have been displaced from all of the HMAs because of livestock?

How many mares will have to be darted (with contraceptives) before the government starts managing HMAs and WHTs principally for wild horses, per the statute?

“Hey WHW, that doesn’t make any sense.  You’d be darting mares if you wanted to manage the land primarily for livestock.”


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