Wild Burros Bad for Business?

For years we’ve heard that taxes and regulations are destroying businesses—weakening our competitive position—but now we’re learning that wild burros are the culprit, at least in Arizona.

They’re trampling the ground, reducing vegetation, invading farmland, breaking fences  and releasing livestock, according to a story posted Thursday by the U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy.

They have no natural predators and compete with domestic cattle for resources.

While all of these things may be true, the author did not indicate if they were occurring on public lands set aside for the burros.

If not, were those lands designated as open range, where the owners are responsible for keeping the burros out (by constructing suitable fences)?

Whatever the answers, the ranchers want the burro populations reduced and are willing to look at all options.

Complaints about the burros from oil companies, mining companies, timber companies, hikers, campers and tourists appeared nowhere in the story.

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