Governor Praised for Resuming Fertility Control Program

Nevada legislators commended the governor for reinstating ‘humane management practices’ on the Virginia Range, according to a story posted yesterday by Nevada Appeal of Carson City.

The wild horse preservation movement began in these hills, east of Reno, with the efforts of Velma Johnston in the 1950s.

Today, you have many advocacy groups, some big, some small, arguing there are too many horses on the range.  Their habitat is threatened by development.  Therefore, we have to destroy them to save them.  Roundups are cruel, darting is not.  Never mind the side effects.


The Virginia Range, with a population density exceeding ten horses per thousand acres, defies the narrative pushed by the public-lands ranchers and their allies in government, namely, that western rangelands can only support one horse per thousand acres.

It’s an outlier that needs to be brought in line with the HMAs and WHTs (federal lands).

And who’s gonna make that happen?  The PZP zealots.

RELATED: NDA Allows PZP Zealots Back On Virginia Range.

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