More Horses Found Dead at Heber WHT

The remains of four wild horses and several coyotes were found between January 15 and 22, near State Highway 260, according to a story posted today by the White Mountain Independent of Show Low, AZ.

All were dispatched by gunshots.

The discoveries were reported to the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office.  Personnel from the Forest Service were not available due to the federal government shutdown.

A motive was not discussed in the article.

The Heber WHT lies within—and is surrounded by—grazing allotments.  See the map on page seven of this document.

That wild horses rob forage from the public-lands ranchers is well established, including mares that have been darted with contraceptives.

Can coyotes take down young calves?

Last October, two stallions were found dead in the WHT, also killed by firearms.

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