Comment on the Brumbies

The loss of dozens of wild horses in Australia has been in the news for several days, but was passed over by this writer because the circumstances were not understood and the location was beyond the scope of this blog.

But when liberals use the incident to push their Marxist agenda, well, that’s fair game.

The kook who wrote the piece said the horses “died a horrific, cruel death,” blaming them on “people who drive gas-guzzling trucks, luxury cars, SUVs, and so on.”

Omitted from his worldly concerns are the cruel and horrific deaths experienced by pre-born kids as they are hacked to pieces in their mother’s wombs and sucked out by vacuum cleaners in women’s ‘health clinics.’  (Also missing are the acts committed by the sodomites—so vile they cannot be put into words.)

Nope, he’s worried about carbon emissions and global warming.

Worst of all, he’s not getting the help he needs.

An example of those ‘immoral’ vehicles, which should be outlawed, can be found on the masthead of the WHW YouTube channel.

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