Wyoming Advocates Push for ‘Wild Horse Highway’

Volunteers with Friends of a Legacy, a group that works with the BLM to manage the wild horses of McCullough Peaks HMA, has asked the state legislature to formally name a section of U.S. 14/16/20 running from Cody to Emblem, according to a report posted yesterday by the Powell Tribune.

The HMA is on the north side of the road, while the neighboring Fifteenmile HMA is a few miles to the south.


Both HMAs are subject to permitted livestock grazing.


The group received $5,000 last year from ASPCA to dart mares with contraceptives, signifying their assent to the overpopulation narrative.  (The ASPCA, an organization that guards against cruelty to animals, actually inflicts it.)

You have to wonder if these people have ranching backgrounds or ties to the ranching industry.  What a great way to get rid of the last few wild horses remaining on western rangelands.

These maps indicate that roughly half the land in this part of Wyoming set aside for wild horses is no longer managed for them, supposedly due to inadequate food and water, yet it can support privately owned cattle and sheep.

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