Livestock Grazing in Wyoming

Data from the BLM rangeland grazing page and wild horse management page in Wyoming:

  • 17 million acres available to livestock
  • 5 million acres available to horses (burros not reported)
  • 1.9 million AUMs available to livestock
  • 3,725 wild horses allowed

Assuming that livestock graze six months per year, the AUM figure yields 316,000 cow/calf pairs on public lands in the state (1.9 million divided by 6).  The population density for these animals would be 18.6 cow/calf pairs per thousand acres (316,000 divided by 17 million times 1,000).

The population density for horses is 0.7 animals per thousand acres (3,725 divided by 5 million times 1,000).

Land in Wyoming can support 26 times as many cow/calf pairs as horses (18.6 divided by 0.7).  In some cases, it’s the same land!

Given that horses graze twelve months per year, they would consume roughly 45,000 AUMs annually (3,725 times 12).  If they were at 4X AML they would consume less than ten percent of the forage allocated to livestock (4 times 45,000 divided by 1.9 million).


On hearing these results, the PZP zealots cried out “Hurry, we must dart those mares!”

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