Spruce-Pequop Gather: Absence of the Story is the Story

Still no coverage of the wild horse massacre by national news outlets.  The original story can now be seen in this FB video.

Questions that have not been answered:

  • Are guns a common tool for euthanizing animals on BLM lands?
  • Is shooting wild horses in the abdomen a standard practice for the BLM?
  • Is that what they do to horses that are blind or have other physical defects?
  • Were the shots fired from the ground or from the air?
  • What were the body condition scores of the horses that were killed?
  • Why were the eight deaths omitted from the gather reports?
  • Who was present when the incident occurred?
  • Who pulled the trigger(s)?
  • Has an investigation started?

The original report by Las Vegas Now can be found here.  GET.  THE.  WORD.  OUT.

RELATED: Massacre at Spruce-Pequop HMA Getting Some Media Attention.

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