BLM Ends Antelope Valley and Goshute Gathers

Bait trapping ended 10/02/18, with 902 wild horses removed from the two HMAs, according to a news release issued today.  Fifteen deaths were reported, leaving 887 animals to be shipped to the Indian Lakes Off-Range WHB Corrals in Fallon, NV, where they will be offered for adoption or transferred to segregated long-term holding.

Two horses were put down due to blindness.

Ten were put down due to emaciation and weakness.

Three horses died after hitting panels (walls of the traps) and breaking their necks, sometimes referred to affectionately as ‘capture shock’ by those in the field.

All euthanized animals had been given a hopeless prognosis for recovery.

The announcement did not indicate if livestock were present on the HMAs and if they were also affected by inadequate food and water.

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