BLM Posts Agenda for WHB Advisory Board Meeting

Meeting will occur October 9 – 11 in Salt Lake City, agenda posted here.

Topics include:

  • Telling the truth about the carrying capacity of the land
  • Restoring zeroed-out lands to wild horses and burros
  • Allocating more land to the WHB program
  • Increasing AMLs
  • Introducing new ideas for keeping WHB on the range
  • Ending ‘humane management practices’ (contraception and sterilization)
  • Investigating misleading statements about WHB overpopulation
  • Raising grazing fees for livestock on public lands
  • Requiring labels on beef that indicate if it was produced on public lands
  • Educating the public about treatment of WHB on western rangelands
  • Publishing charts that show how forage is allocated on public lands
  • Reviewing upcoming AUM curtailments
  • Reviewing plans for restoring horses to areas impacted by fire and drought
  • Waiving property taxes on lands obtained for private sanctuaries
  • Omitting sales taxes on equipment and supplies purchased for sanctuaries
  • Investigating ties between the BLM, USFS and livestock industry
  • Exposing the media blackout regarding livestock on lands set aside for WHB
  • Discussing the constitutionality of FLPMA (federal ownership of land)
  • Nullifying the WHB Act

Not!  None of these items are on the agenda.

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