National WHB Advisory Board to Meet Next Month

A news release issued today states that the National Advisory Board will meet in Salt Lake City October 9 – 11 to provide recommendations to the BLM on the WHB program.

The subject of the conference will be wild horses and burros.  The stated reason for the meeting is the adverse effects of WHB overpopulation on western rangelands.  The real reason for the meeting is the adverse effects of WHB on public-lands ranching.

The Board will visit a nearby HMA on the first day, presumably one that hasn’t been gathered this year (will be hard to find in Utah).

The last two days will probably be devoted to freeing up more forage for livestock, on lands set aside for horses and burros.

It’s not about saving money.  It’s not about saving an endangered species.  It’s about an unelected bureaucracy catering to a special interest against the wishes of the American people.

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