Devil’s Garden Roundup In the Headlines

The Sac Bee report about the Devil’s Garden roundup (which starts next week) is all over the news, minus one teeny weeny detail, namely, that the horses have been robbing public-lands ranchers of their birthright: forage for cattle and sheep—on lands set aside for the horses.


BLM won’t talk about it.  USFS won’t acknowledge it.  Left-wing media outlets won’t cover it.  If conservatives were involved, they’d be attacking from all sides.

Public-lands ranchers get their sustenance from government.  They graze their livestock for pennies per day (the fee in 2018 is $1.41 per cow-calf pair per month).  Government spends tens of millions of dollars every year to remove other species that might interfere with the enterprise.

Their cheerleaders think you have a right to eat meat.

Their leading political ally received a grade of ‘D’ from Conservative Review.

The entire affair looks like one big welfare racket, propagated by liberals for the benefit of liberals.  So much for hard-working cowboys and rugged individualism.

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